Art heals, words inspire and laughter can make all the difference.

About Laurie INgersoll

Contemporary artist Laurie Ingersoll is a colorist, fascinated by the play of light, shapes, and pure, radiant hues. Influenced by the Fauves of the early 20th century, she experiments with vivid colors and bold designs to give vibrant energy to her work.

A former Montessori teacher and life-time artist, she moved from the cold New England winters to the warm technicolor world of the Caribbean where she was an active member in the local art scene and a founding board member of the Artist’s Guild of St. Croix. Besides being a full time artist, she has written/illustrated and published nine children’s books and two coloring books. Her work has been exhibited in NYC, Chicago, Boston and Houston and LA.

Ms. Ingersoll now spends her time between St. Croix and Florida 

More about Mouse & Moose

“These characters have lived within me for a very long time and the stories come to me almost fully formed and even rhyming.  After raising three wonderful daughters and spending many years teaching elementary classes at a Montessori charter school, I have a profound love for children's literature. The sense of playfulness and whimsy appeals to me and the fanciful artwork of my students inspired my illustrations. I found that emerging readers enjoy predictable rhymes, lovable characters, and happy illustrations. Sprinkle in some silliness and surprises, and you have a formula for inspiring children to read and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

The open-ended questions at the end of each book promote discussion and encourage further  exploration of the empowering message within. Parents and teachers can use these books to initiate lessons in character building and use as examples of dealing with everyday issues in a caring and positive way. 

The latest book introduces a new character, Otis, an autistic chick who joins in the adventures. As the mother of a physically/mentally handicapped daughter, I see the world through a different lens, one of compassion, gratitude and wonder. I give a voice to those who have not found words and hopefully help to educate people about the world of special needs.